In this article, I share what I’ve learned about Choices since recieving the insights about suicide which I shared in my previous blog titled WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT SUICIDE THROUGH THE MESSAGE ART – PART ONE.

The following is a synopsis of the insights I learned about Suicide and then about Choices:

  • We are NOT physical beings having a spiritual experience but rather we are spirits having a physical experience. Our physical bodies are simply our souls’ vehicle while on Earth.
  • Nothing or no one can separate us from God except the belief that we are apart or separate from God, rather than a part of
  • Throughout our physical journey, we are never alone, including in our darkest moments.
  • Divine help is available to each one of us 24/7, anywhere, any place and whenever we need it. All we need to do is ask for it and help will be sent our way. Not recognizing or accepting the assistance being sent our way does not mean it doesn’t exist.
  • The greatest and grandest gift our souls were ever given by God is the eternal Gift of Choice. The divine purpose for this special gift was to make each one of us the master of our own life.
  • God never takes back our gift of Choice no matter what we say, do or think. God also doesn’t interfere, judge, or punish us because of our choices, or the lack of them, nor ever coerces us into making certain choices.

Until such time as we are fully aware that the Gift of Choice is innately and eternally ours, we will repeatedly, both knowingly and unknowingly, hand it over to another person, a group of people, or to one or more of the many addictive or destructive products available on Earth.

Fear and guilt are the two most utilized tools on this planet to take away a person’s Gift of Choice. Repeatedly reminding ourselves of this truth helps us to consciously choose more often to remain the master of our own lives rather than unconsciously hand over our most precious gift to someone or some thing.

We are the only person responsible for the choices we make, or don’t make for that matter – not another person and not even God.
The reason our choices are ours alone, is because they benefit the evolution of our own soul and not someone else’s soul. In the context of the Message Art, the meaning of our soul’s evolution is the process of attaining the knowingness about the true essence of our being, in other words, about all that we are as a part of God.

The only way to attain the knowingness of something, is to experience that something.

Each experience we create while on Earth is initiated by a choice we made, either knowingly or unknowingly. The divine purpose for each one of our experiences, is to grant us one or more opportunity to expand our knowingness of all that we are.

The most compelling insights I learned about suicide since I received it from my divine helpers are that:

  • like all of the choices I’ve made in the past and those I have yet to make, the choice to take my life, or not, is mine and mine only only
  • I cannot kill my problems any more than I can kill the true essence of my being, which is my soul.
  • no matter when or which way I die, including by our own hand, I bring all of me with me when I return to the spirit world, that is, except my physical body because its energy is much denser than my soul’s energy. For example, I bring with me all of my hurts, joys and disappointments, as well as all of my memories, both good and bad. Also coming along is any new wisdom I acquired while on this planet, my character, and my qualities such as my strengths and weaknesses.
  • But even more important, I also bring with me any anger, frutration, guilt or bitterness I’m still holding onto at the time of my death, and any unresolved or unhealed feelings.

Feelings, like my body and soul, are energy and energy can never be created or destroyed; only transformed. A good feeling, in the context of the Message Art, is considered light and positive because its energy vibrates at a higher frequency and a bad feeling is considered dense and negative because its energy vibrates at a lower frequency.

An unresolved feeling is simply a feeling that has not been dealt with or been ignored, pushed back or stored.  An unresolved feeling is considered negative energy because it’s a feeling (energy) that hasn’t been resolved, healed and or released. Holding onto these types of feelings, also known as old baggage, means I’m carrying with me many masses of negative energy everywhere I go. In other words, these masses are stored somewhere in my physical body’s energy field..

Over time, the accumulation of these masses form into a dense invisible armor which encases one or more parts of my physical body’s energy field. Because of its density, this armor prevents the positive and healing energy of love from flowing through and eventually causes dis-ease or dis-harmony in those parts of my body.

The choice as to if or when I heal my unresolved feeling, in other words, transform their dense negative energy to a light and positive energy, remains forever mine, even after I’ve returned to the spirit world. No matter my choice or my location, I am loved beyond measure and at no time does God, or my divine helpers, ever pressure, judge, rush or coerce me with guilt or fear to resolve those types of feelings.

The opportunities to heal my unresolved feelings are as plentiful on Earth as they are in the spirit world. Should I die without having healed or released all dense energy created by my unresolved feelings, I will be lovingly, and without judgment, guided through a Review of my life on Earth soon after I return to the spirit world.

The purpose for this Review is to help me recognize that my personal choices, no matter where I am, either speed up or slow down the evolution of my soul. I am then given the choice to transform that negative energy while still in spirit form or to embark on yet another journey on Earth to do so. There is never a wrong or right choice since for my soul has eternity to evolve.

However, there are many advantages of healing my unresolved feelings while still on Earth, one of which is the extra time I will have to enjoy the benefits of doing so, such as:

  • Freeing myself of the negative energy weighing me down enhances my physical, mental, emotional as well as my spiritual well being.
  • Transforming my experiences and relationships into positive ones frees me to initiate new ones
  • But the biggest advantage is that greatly reducing the amount of dense energy I bring with me when I return to the spirit world speeds up the evolution of my soul

Once I committed to healing my unresolved feelings, I was introduced to a two-step process to do so:
Step One – To identify an unresolved feeling, I first needed to recognize its existence and the fact that I was holding onto it. The way to recognize those types of feelings, “is when the memory of a past experience evokes a negative emotional reaction. For example, feeling sad, bitter, or angry when recalling a childhood experience is a telltale sign that one or more unresolved feelings remain still attached to that experience” (quoted from Module 10 of the Message Art Study)

Step Two – To heal an unresolved feeling means to transform its dense energy to a positive energy and that is done by discovering the gift within the experience which initiated that feeling.

All experiences on Earth, including those deemed negative, are gifts of immeasurable value because they offer me many opportunities to continue evolving, in other words, to become more aware of all my God-like qualities.The biggest gifts I discovered within my experience as an addict, which I truly believed was the most negative event in my life time, was in recognizing that it had led me to experience compassion, for the first time, for other people struggling with all types of addiction

Upon discovering, and fully unwrapping this most meaningful gift, the negative energy of my unresolved feelings of hurt, shame and guilt still attached to that experience was transformed into a positive energy.

What amazed me after months of doing this type of healing work, was how much lighter and freer I felt after releasing the many negative feelings I didn’t even realize were there. But even more amazing, and life-altering, was recognizing the deep inner peace I was experiencing for the first time in my life and the profound and personal relationship I had developed with God while journaling.

The most humbling tough, was realizing that my addiction, which I believed for years was the most negative experience of my life, had within it the most important gifts for the evolution of my soul, which were compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love towards myself and others.


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