Can anyone have a two-way conversation with God or receive guidance from the spirit world?

Yes, absolutely but I’ve come to realize that many people have not yet recognized or are, knowingly or unknowingly, refusing to believe they can have this kind of conversation or divine guidance.   Actually one of the painting’s messages reveals that we each have divine helpers that are ready, willing, and able to guide us but because of our God-given Gift of Choice, these special helpers cannot show up in our lives unless we invite them in. Also some people have shared with me that they are afraid of what they would hear from God, including being asked a request such as the one I received. They would be too afraid to tell others about it in fear of being judged, rejected or laughed at.  But remember, all that comes from God is good and loving. One thing is for certain, God never tells you what to do and never makes use of guilt or fear to make you do something. The choice is always yours, including the choice of allowing God or your divine helpers to guide you on your path.