Third Message – May 1, 2021


The message I received May 1, 2021 at 9 a.m.

I was having coffee and talking with my husband when I suddenly had a vision of a large hand whose fingers were covering the whole of a globe. The globe was to represent the planet Earth and the hand was to represent the huge power something had over the whole of humanity. Within a couple minutes, I told my husband I needed to go write what I was receiving so he went outside to do his chores. I then sat and wrote the following over the following hour and thirty minutes:

“This message is in continuation to your the two previous messages you received December 8, 2020 and January 14, 2021. The dismantling of the overwhelming power that ‘big pharma’ has had over humanity has begun. Be patient and trust in the process taking place. No man-made war, no protest nor court system, no matter how massive they are, can overcome this dark force that has been building up for the past several decades. But do not give up. There is one thing that will, and actually has begun, to dismantle this dark force…and that is ‘itself’. Darkness can only be destroyed with light and concerning this message, light represents awareness. Blinded by its greed, the dark force has convinced itself that it is indestructible and unshakeable… that it has grown so big that no one person, group or thing can win against it, or can dismantle it. Its blindness is preventing it from recognizing that its power is crumbling as we speak.

It’s only a few lives, they keep insisting. Little do they know this dark force’s greed has created a monster presently being dispersed in vials which has and will continue to be the cause of many people getting sick and or dying. The number of deaths caused by these vials will quickly number too many to ignore by those who have come to believe in big pharma’s infallibility. Soon the cries of those who have lost their loved ones will be heard loud and clear by their leaders, most of whom have been blinded by their own greed for power.

No one person or group and no one thing can stop the huge wheel of events that’s been put into motion by big pharma long before the year 2020. The reality of this wheel was created by one and only one phenomenon – greed for more and ever more money, which to this dark force and other forces like it, represents power. But too much power is never a good thing if not held and shared with the uttermost respect and responsibility for each and every human being. Yes, much of humanity has been asleep to big pharma’s objectives – not really on purpose but rather because big pharma’s goals were simply too overwhelming selfish for them to accept as truth.

Let go and surrender to the biggest transformation Earth has ever experienced – the transformation from sleep to awareness. This awakening is being accomplished in a way that no one could have predicted, nor could anyone have planned it any better or in such a short amount of time. The power that be, the dark force whose words of fear and guilt has influenced and controlled most of humanity’s thoughts, words and actions for more years than you know, is in the process of destroying itself. Big pharma may have become extra big and powerful but what it hasn’t realized yet is that there was never a need for anyone or anything to dismantle it or their power – it is their choices that has already begun, and will continue to be, the cause of their demise.

As mentioned in our previous messages, many of the people who have and have yet to extend their arms to receive big pharma’s new jabs are souls who long ago chose to be part of this unprecedented awakening, and at the same time, to save humanity from a far greater loss of lives by giving up their own lives at this time. Only once the cries are heard of those whose loved ones have suffered or died because of the new jabs will more of humanity awaken to the power that big pharma has had over humanity. Only then will this dark force and its power be transformed back to Love and begin shifting to where it rightfully belongs – back to ‘the people’.

Once fully awoken to the loss of its power, humanity will never again be as asleep (as unaware) as it has been. Only then will humanity finally realize that the power to overcome any darkness is an innate gift within each human being and that most of them had unknowingly handed over this gift to whom they were told and came to believed was helping and keeping them safe.”





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