The Message Art Study

What is the MESSAGE ART? 

The Message Art is the gift I received after weeks of asking God for help during an extremely difficult time in my life. This phenomenal gift, which took me years to fully unwrap, comprised of 15 unprecedented paintings whose individual elements conveyed divine messages to positively transform my beliefs, henceforth my life. 

I received and painted the images for the Message Art paintings over a period of one year and three months. Two years later, I went on to receive the messages for each painting, either in dreams or while journaling, intermittently over the next seven years. 

To hear my story of HOW THE MESSAGE ART CAME TO BE, please watch video below.

I have absolutely no doubt that without this gift, and the research I was guided to do, I would not have survived the severe addiction, anxiety and depression I was struggling with on a daily basis. I also have no doubt I could not have received, nor benefited from, this art collection’s life-altering messages had I not been willing to be more open minded and to let go my deeply ingrained fear-based beliefs. 

One of the first things the Message Art taught me is that our level of awareness determines our perceptions, which form our beliefs, which in turn determine the outcome of all our experiences. It is no wonder then, why so many of my past relationships and God-related experiences mostly reflected conditional love, which in actuality is simply the illusion of love. 

Applying the messages conveyed by the Message Art to my everyday life was the catalyst which transformed the perception I had of God since I was a little girl. It is these enlightening and often thought-provoking messages which gently and lovingly guided me to a perception which is free of fear and guilt.  

My new perception of God though, could only transpire once I fully recognized that fear and guilt are the opposite of love, which in the context of the Message Art, is God – that contrary to the beliefs I held onto for close to five decades, love therefore God, does not judge, punish or have expectations and above all else, never ever takes away my choices. My old beliefs, which had originated from other people’s matching beliefs, were so deeply ingrained that letting go of them did not happen over night for me.

By changing my perception of God to one that is unconditional and honors my freedom to choose, the Message Art not only positively transformed my experience AND beliefs of God, it went on to dramatically change the way I perceived myself, my addiction, the people in my life and the world as I knew it, in a positive way. The initiation of this life-changing event was the concept that our perception of God greatly influences the way we perceive everyone and everything in our lives, including our own being, because all that has, or will ever exist in this world, derives from God’s energy.

It took me fourteen years to fully realize that the purpose for the unprecedented Message Art collection was to help me unravel this concept, one divine message at a time. It was during this unravelling that my addiction and depression ended for good, as well as my self-deprecating and unworthy beliefs. It is also when I experienced profound inner peace for the first time and discovered the huge difference between believing in God, and experiencing God. 

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