Sixth Message – November 19, 2021



Nov. 19, 2021 – 10:53 am
(6th Message since December 2020)

“The Vessels of Truth have arrived at your ports”… is the first phrase I heard loud and clear together with the words “Hallelujah! Hallelujah” in the background being sung by an invisible choir. Then I saw four very tall and thin beings blowing in long golden trumpets as a way to announce to humanity the arrival of all these truth vessels. After watching and listening to these beings in my mind for awhile, I heard the following message:

“These vessels are filed with truths that will shock… yes shock but they will also save your world.  Do not cover your ears, do not block their words for they say the truth – the truth they tell is what will set you free… free like you haven’t been for centuries! ( I get that ‘at your ports’ means‘ our beings or our minds and a ‘vessel of truth’ represents a person, a doctor or scientist who have discovered the truth and are sharing it with us with nothing to gain except to help humanity.)

“There are no more veils to lift, we have done this for you. We have done the hard work, now all you need to do as a collective is to accept our gift to you – Honesty and Truth, accept no less from now on. There is no room for games. There is no place you can go to hide. You may think you are hidden but all can see it is only your head that is in the sand.

But don’t worry, it will not be for long. Soon most heads will lift and more like you will gently and lovingly be taken to the Vessels of Truth. Once there though, only you can take the final step into such a vessel – no one but you.  Once you step into such a vessel, of course only one vessel of truth at a time, you will no longer want to hide from the truth. You will no longer fear the truth. You will never want to let go of it because you’ll finally realize that the truth is all there is or all there ever was. You’ll know all else is fake – not real – simply an illusion. By then you will know you deserve only truth because you come from truth.

The Vessels of Truth are at your ports, people of Earth – they are there as sure as the noses on your faces. Do you make your way to them? Do you jump on these vessels once there? You my friends are the only ones who can make those choices. Remember Choice is a gift you have always had. A gift from Love and Light to you for eternity but fear, whose origin is darkness, has blinded you to this precious fact.

Imagine if you will, there is no one or no thing holding you back from Truth except the many threads of fear fabricated over time by the masses of dark energy. These dense masses have lost their way because of greed – greed for more power, more submissiveness and more totalitarianism and more of everything until each person, animal and thing is easily manipulated by the flick of a switch at their fingertips.

These dark masses do not yet realize their time on Earth is coming to an end – not in decades or even in years to come, but sooner. They don’t yet know the power that has arrived at your ports to help all of you who are ready. There is no turning back for these Truth Vessels.

You may think it has taken a long time for this help to finally arrive but trust us when we say these vessels could only be sent your way when you were ready to receive and accept them at your ports. Like everything else in your world, as well as in ours, Choice is the guiding light which determines if and when something goes forward.

Now that the Vessels of Truth have arrived, will you choose to welcome and accept each truth that shows up in your life from now on? All of you will be inundated with truths and in turn with choices. Just know that one’s life can quickly change for the better when one accepts these truths as gifts.

There is nothing that has or will ever be able to replace the truth. Truth, Love and Light are all of the same energy – all three are one. Having one without the other is not possible. Truth is everything and without it you have nothing but fear convinces otherwise. This is the reason the dark masses of energy make use of fear so prevalently.

Fear is conniving, convincing, relentless, judgmental, coercive, manipulative and domineering. Above all else, fear takes away one’s choices. Love is none of these, ever. Love is allowing of all things, all possibilities. It has no boundaries or barriers, no conditions, no exceptions, no expectations. Love knows that all is possible. Love is truth, and truth knows that all is possible, including and don’t ever forget what we are about to tell you – Love hence Truth, knows that humanity is winning the battle as we speak. 

Humanity, as a collective mass of light energy, is in the process of toppling the ever large and powerful masses of dark energy that have been domineering your planet for centuries. Love, truth and light always wins so don’t give up – never give up – you’re almost there! Trust that our eyes can see what you can’t right now. We are on the other side of the mountains waiting to greet you with open arms and congratulate you for a job well done!”

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