Seventh Message – January 17, 2022


January 17, 2022- 6:45 p.m. (7th message I received since December 2020. If this is the first one you read and would like to know how these messages began, read the 1st and 2nd message by clicking on ‘Previous’ at the bottom of this page.)

“Can you feel the beat of the drums signaling the crumbling of the dark empire that’s wreaked havoc on humanity for so long? Can you hear the cries of joy all over the world? Can you taste the victory that’s beholden the globe?

No, not yet you say? Trust me, the crumbling of the dark forces has begun and by their own hands, this much I promise you. Many darkened hearts are not yet aware that their demise is near or already here – their greed still hides that truth from them. They’re too busy amassing and counting their ill-begotten wealth.  But what is wealth if no place left for them to enjoy it? What is wealth when the world shuns and despises you? What is wealth without something to look forward to, or no one to share it with?

Those hearts that lost their light long ago, so righteous they’re blinded to the power of humans who have awakened to being duped and lied to. They know not the forceful power amassing as these people come together for the same goal. Nothing and no one, not even the dark forces, can win over that forceful and positive mass of energy. Every step taken by those now awakened lead to a time, not far in the future, when they are the ones who decide what becomes of their world, and not the dark and selfish hearts.

So, can you feel it now – the heart beat of the new world that’s begun? It’s the same beat as your own heart, so reach out and join the awakened ones. Help lift their spirits, so tired and weary, with your words, thoughts and deeds of love and encouragement. Join them in their efforts to build a better future for all to come, for each human is equally deserving of this new world, no matter if still asleep.”

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