Second Message – January 14, 2021


January 14, 2021 – The Second Message Dream during the pandemic

Throughout this dream, I am not able to see or hear my mother but I can feel her presence in the space around me which is filled with a loving and peaceful energy. Moments after the dream began, I could feel many presences positioning themselves all around me and mom. Even if they were all invisible to me, I could feel their loving and calming energy wrapping my being much like an oversized plush blanket. Slowly at first, then at a faster speed, a few of these entities began talking and somehow all in one voice. It was as though their words found their way to my brain in slow motion and then as if magically, they took over all of my thoughts. There are really no words I can think of to better describe what transpired during that dream but I just knew I was protected and loved beyond measure.

This message is about the Illusionary War versus the Real War. The illusionary war is the one many have come to believe is against a virus. The Real War is the one against some of the new vaccines. This so-called war is not taking place in some remote area on your planet but rather in every town and city across the world, hence the reason there is not one but many battlefields. These battlefields can be found in many places, including most public and private care facilities where some of your loved ones were brought to be taken care of until their journey on Earth is completed.

On the one side of the battlefield are mostly seniors but there are also some younger people. The ones closest to, and positioned right on ‘the front line’, are the sickest or most frail individuals, including those who do not appear to others as lacking in health. On the other side of the battlefield are the owners and manufacturers of the new so-called vaccines because the weapon of choice in this war are these vaccines.

There are two very important matters that need to be understood clearly and remembered always. The first matter is that the seniors and some of the young people who first get these vaccines are souls who decided before they were born, to willingly give of their lives on earth to help save humanity. Most of these people do not remember making that choice but some of them do recall their choice at the moment they offer their arm to receive the vaccine.  The second matter is that the people whose job is to vaccinate the population, including the sick or frail, are not yet aware that the new vaccines are the weapon of choice for this new war.  It’ll become vitally important to remember this when the true nature of these vaccines is revealed so the wrong party is not blamed for those who get sick or die due to the vaccines.

As we said before, what is happening on Earth right now is part of a divine plan. A big part of this plan is to awaken humanity to how asleep they have been due to their trusting nature or because they have and are still, knowingly or not, choosing not to acknowledge the truth.  After this experience, humanity will never again be so deeply asleep.”

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