Nature’s Gift


I love birds and I love bright lively colors hence my inspiration for this painting. I painted this beautiful yellow bird while travelling in the United States with my husband. Building up the many layers of colors that were needed to achieve the look I wanted for the bird and tree branches was very time consuming but also very therapeutic. Whenever I work with colored pencils, I feel relaxed and can stay in the zone of creativity for hours at a time which is good especially when I’m waiting for my husband to be done his convention.  This print brings warmth and serenity to any room.

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  • All painting are a copy from the original ones.

12” wide x 12” high paper print, 16” wide x 16” high paper print, 12” wide x 12” high canvas on 1 ½ deep wood frame, 16” wide x 16” high canvas on 1 ½ deep wood frame