The following is a conversation I had with God while journaling on September 15, 2017

Dear God, keep me in your light always and guide me to my purpose of Earth.

There are so many disasters simultaneously happening in the world lately. Is it just me or are the hurricanes, forest fires, floods, droughts and earthquakes getting more severe and happening more frequently then in the past? There are times, like today, when I feel overwhelmed with sadness and fear for my own and humanity’s survival and I’ve discovered I’m not the only one who feels that way. God, how does one cope with these catastrophic events? I often find myself wondering what’s happening to our world.  Is this only the beginning of what’s to come?  Are these calamities Mother Earth’s way of responding to my own and humanity’s past choices? If so, is it too late for us to turn things around?  Please help me with your loving words of wisdom.

Take a few moments to settle you mind so my words can replace your worrisome thoughts. Relax while thinking of the place where we always meet and soon you’ll feel a calming descend upon your being. As you know, I am always here for you.

Nature has a way to take charge when it needs too. Many not-so-subtle energies have been at play for some time now, without you or most of humanity being any the wiser. The cause of these events may be beyond your understanding but trust that all is as it should be.  There is more at play than you can possibly know and as you learned years ago, nothing happens by mistake or accident. There is an order to everything that transpires on Earth. Like the domino effect, one event sets off another and so on until a transformation of energy ends that chain of events.

Remember in The Message Art when we talked about how the accumulation of the same or similar thought-energy eventually manifests in what is known in your world as a ‘reality’? You learned that each thought has its own energy field which attracts the same or similar energy fields from the Universe, including the thought-energy on your planet. Most people, like you used to be, are not aware that thoughts are energy, and energy is life. Consider thoughts as the building blocks of vibrational essence utilized by you and all souls to create while on Earth or in the spirit world. Thoughts give life to whatever you choose to create, consciously or not, so it’s important to recognize the thoughts that you entertain at both levels.

Each time a thought enters your mind, the manifestation of a new experience or physical reality, is initiated. The more time you spend thinking about something, the more energy or ‘life’ you give that something and the sooner it is manifested. For example, the longer you think about experiencing loving relationships, and without sabotaging them with negative thoughts, the sooner those types of relationships show up in your life.  Likewise, the more fearful thoughts you repeatedly entertain, the more likely fearful events will manifest themselves as part of your experiences. Your thoughts create what you want as well as what you don’t want in your life.  In other words, it is the type of thoughts you choose to entertain the most that determines if the outcome of your experiences is positive or negative.  So, the answer to your question ‘is it too late for humanity to change things around?’ is this: Energy can never be destroyed but it is never too late to transform energy! All that is required is the sincere commitment to replace fear-based thoughts with loving thoughts. The more people on your planet who make the commitment to repeatedly entertain more loving thoughts, the greater and faster the transformation of energy and the more loving the events manifesting themselves on Earth become.

Thank you once again God for your words of wisdom. I am so grateful for having discovered you as my friend and divine helper.  I will do my best to think more loving thoughts.

Gisele, when it comes to creating with thought-energy, what matters the most is the type of thoughts you spend the most time thinking about. Many thoughts show up in your mind each day but you are the one who chooses, consciously or not, which ones to keep entertaining and which ones to let Go.

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