Hi! My name is Gisele, I designed the 15 Modules about my Message Art Study. Experience in your space and time each of them. Discover their life-altering divine messages.

The Message Art

The Message Art is the gift I received after weeks of asking God for help during an extremely difficult time of my life.
This special gift, which took me years to fully unwrap, comprised of fifteen unprecedented paintings whose individual
 elements each conveyed divine messages.



About The Message Art Study

Hi, my name is Gisele and I am the artist behind the Message Art paintings.  I designed the 15-Module Message Art Study
 so the participants could experience, in their own space and timeeach of these paintings and their life-altering 
 divine messages.



My Gift

The Message Art painting which initiated my transformation is the one titled ONENESS. For that reason, I would like
 to GIFT you with the module of the Message Art Study which pertains to that painting.