The following is my journal with God on August 12, 2017

Dear God, keep me in your light always and guide me to my purpose on Earth.

Thank you so much for The Message Art Paintings and I will continue to apply their messages to my life the best I can. It’s not always easy though, especially when I get frustrated, hurt or angry. When that happens, I get so caught up in negative emotions that I totally forget about your loving messages.  For example, about a month ago I got so hurt by what someone said to me that I spent a whole week in a vortex of negative energy. It seemed like everything that could go wrong in my life, did. It wasn’t until I took time out about a week later that I remembered your message that there is always a reason for whatever or whoever shows up in my life.

After asking for more divine guidance, I discovered that what was transpiring in my life had nothing to do with the person who hurt me.  Rather that person’s not-so-nice qualities were reflecting the not-so-nice qualities that I was unknowingly expressing inwardly. In other words, that person’s words were simply reminding me of the way I had, for weeks, negatively talked to myself without realizing that I had. This realization was like a light bulb going on in my head and like magic, my hurt and anger towards that person disappeared. I then began to address my negative self-talk and several days later, I received an email from the same person asking if we could start over with a clean slate, which I agreed to.

It’s really amazing how your Message Art positively transforms the way I perceive things when I pay attention to its divine messages, so once again, thank you.

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