My Free Gift

Welcome to my Free Gift. My name is Gisele and I am the artist behind the Message Art – a series of 15 paintings
I was asked to paint after weeks of asking God for help during an extremely difficult time of my life. 


Each painting in this unprecedented art collection came with a message from God.  These profound and often thought-provoking messages dramatically altered my perception of God, which in turn positively changed the way I perceived myself, the people in my life, my experiences and the world as I knew it. Actually, the Message Art saved my life by changing my perceptions!

Several years after completing this unprecedented art collection, I developed the online Message Art Study because I truly
 believed the fifteen painting’s divine messages could have a life-altering impact on whomever comes to know them.

The Message Art painting which initiated my transformation is the one titled ONENESS. For that reason, I would like
 to GIFT you with the module of the Message Art Study which pertains to that painting because its content reveals
insights such as:

– why your power and magnificence are beyond measure
– the reason God would not be complete without you
– what makes you special just the way you are
– when and why you were given the eternal freedom to choose

As soon as you sign up for my FREE GIFT below, you receive unlimited access to this module’s content
 for a period of five days which consists of:

  • A video which begins with a foreword from me the artist, followed by the illustration of the painting Oneness and the divine messages conveyed by its individual elements. While watching this video, chances are you will feel drawn into the painting and become one with it much like I experienced while receiving its messages – truly an unforgettable experience!
  • Reflective Questions and Exercises to help you assimilate this painting’s messages and apply them to your everyday life. 
  • A video of my personal reflections on this painting’s messages in hopes they trigger the experiences and memories you have that correlate with this painting.
  • The printable transcripts of this module’s two videos and questions/exercises.

If you are ready to  discover more about your power and greatness,




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I also offer PREMIUM QUALITY PAPER PRINTS of the fifteen Message Art Paintings HERE 

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