Fourth Message – August 15, 2021



August 15, 2021 – Received the following message from 1:30 to 2:10 pm, and typed it a few hours later.

I had just laid down to take a nap and I felt my first nudge that a message was coming in. I asked if they (whoever was nudging me) could wait a little cause I was tired and wanted to sleep. I tried to just ignore the soft nudges but they only got stronger so I got up,went to my office to get my notebook and started writing.

“Easy with the pushbacks, easy with the worries, sadness and hopelessness. All four are as useless as sun rays in a storm cloud. All four are futile attempts to control something that can not be stopped, rushed or slowed down. Trust us – we are here to guide you and humanity. Most of you will survive this cataleptic (???) overturn – not from your doing but from the undoing of the few dark powers who are the cause of it overturning. (After asking my divine guidance for more clarification on this paragraph and the word cataleptic, my understanding is that most of humanity will survive the overturn of the ‘unconsciousness’ or ‘unawareness’ taking place on Earth, not because of our own doing but rather because of the actions of the few major dark powers who have purposely kept us ‘unaware’ or ‘in the dark’).

There is no denying that nothing of this magnitude has ever taken place on your planet nor has there ever been anything with such catastrophic results – But this is about to bring good changes, it’s about to bring higher energy frequencies to shift the world view that most of humanity has held for decades and even centuries. You are some of the most fortunate souls to have been given the opportunity to not only take part in this shift but if you allow yourselves to do so, you can actually become an observer from the hitherto as well as a participant…I’m sorry… I’m getting carried away. I’m so excited to have been given the opportunity to bring you this message today. “

(I ask the entity speaking to me who he is and where he’s from and his answer is. “ Of no importance really but I will gladly tell you. I’m of no place you’ve ever heard of but the title of this galaxy is TREMPULA. (I then ask him if I got the name right and he answers) – TRIBULA or TRIBULAH (and when I spell the last name I got, he said) Yes. Yes. I am one of the masters here and my name is GOLDEX (??). Sorry it’s a bit challenging to translate my language to yours but I’ll get it, just be a bit patient. Hah, yes, I just got that patience is not one of your best virtues (laughing). You and I share that in common.

Okay let’s try again, shall we? My galaxy sits about one thousand light years from yours and we, my people and the ones from neighboring galaxies, have been sending humans much loving thoughts and energy to help you all to transition into a more truthful and joyful type of life. Your kind has for so long believed and followed what they are told without asking many questions. This is because you have been taught (and purposely) from childhood, and for many generations, that it’s disrespectful to question authority.

You haven’t known any better but slowly many of you are awakening to the false intent of many of those in power on your planet. You have not only begun to allow your intuition to speak to you but you’re allowing it to guide you to the truth blindly. I say blindly because even though you never see who or what is nudging you intuitively, you know from somewhere deep inside, that these intuitive nudges can be trusted. The more you trust your intuition, the more truths it will guide you to and the sooner the illusionary cloud you’ve been trapped into will dissipate completely.

Some of you can already see thru parts of this cloud and you are recognizing the many truths that have been purposely kept from mankind – for example – no one or no thing can separate you from each other or from Love (God) because you are all one but most don’t know this truth. But the only way to control most of humanity is to keep convincing as many of you as possible of your separateness and to put into place false truths so the division between each of you expands and solidifies.

Imagine if the dark force presently (and for awhile now) ruling your planet was to teach humanity about the truth of Oneness? Can you see how quickly it (the dark force)  would lose its power to control all of you? Do you see how quickly each one of you would recognize and take back their power and your leaders would finally be able to rule according to the true meaning of Oneness? This much I will ask of you today. I would like you to discover all of the differences between love and fear because when you do, you’ll realize or should I say, you’ll remember that LOVE never divides, never judges, nor does it ever remove individual choices.

Love also never tries to convince, connive, coerce or contradict i it simply accepts each human being as they are and their individual choices because LOVE knows there is a divine purpose for all choices on Earth. LOVE knows there is nothing by LOVE and yet fear, when given the chance to take hold of your thoughts and your life convinces you otherwise. 

The only reason the major dark forces on your planet make use of so much fear is to control as much of the population for as long as possible and that fact will remain until more of humanity awakens to this truth.  AHHH, and this I can assure you – the more of you awaken, the more fear will be placed in front of humanity so even more will awaken. Just know this – trust this – the more fear shows up, the sooner humanity awakens and takes back its power! Then it will be FEAR which dissipates on your planet and not LOVE. Take this and share it. I will visit with you again soon if you allow me to. ADIEU… as they say in your mother language!”

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