First of seven Messages since December 8, 2020 (related to present global events)


December 8, 2020 – First Message received related to the events presently unfolding on Earth

Very early in the morning, 6 am or so while I was still half asleep, I had what I’ve called a MESSAGE DREAM for the last thirty years. In this dream, my mom, who had died in May of this year at the age of 93, (and not from Covid-19), was standing next to my bed looking down at me with a big smile. I am not saying I had a vision of her but rather I felt her presence next to me suddenly while dreaming of something else of which I can’t remember. She was so much younger and the energy in and around her was so loving and peaceful. She slowly extended her right arm to touch me. I just knew she was purposely reaching out to me in that way so I wouldn’t freak out and also to keep me calm for what she was about to tell me. Then all of a sudden, I could feel other presences positioning themselves behind mom but I couldn’t make out any of their faces and all of them were exuding the same loving and peaceful energy as mom was.

At first it was just mom who talked to me and I could tell she was having somewhat of a hard time to come up with the right words to tell me what she had come to say. After she told me a few things like how proud she was of me and to keep doing what I had been doing, the presences in the room also began talking but it was all very weird because now all of them were talking to me in one voice.

The first words I heard from the one voice were: Much of humanity has come to believe in the last year that they are at war with a virus. They believe the enemy of this worldwide battle is a virus but it’s not – the war is with a few of the vaccines. They also believe that the people who are at ‘the front line’ of this war are the doctors, nurse s and care workers but it is not. Those at the front line are the seniors in long term care facilities. Many will feel it’s not a good time to be 80 plus at this time. Actually, it’s the worst time in the world’s history to be 80 plus years old. Keep strong. Things will get worst for awhile but don’t worry all will end well for most of humanity.’

While they were still talking to me, I could see one of the larger presences tugging on mom’s left arm and softly telling her it was time to go – that she needed to be careful not to overdo it because it was her first time communicating with this side. In other words, because it was one of her first attempts at making contact with her loved ones still on Earth, she hadn’t yet mastered the skill of protecting her own energy from getting depleted when in communication with them.

As mom was being pulled back by her guide, she was laughing and waving at me and extending her arm as if trying to still touch me while repeating “keep doing what you’re doing, I’m very proud of you and you’ll be okay”. Within seconds after mom and all the presences had left me, I was wide awake and crying.  Having mom near me had felt so real, I wanted her to spend more time with me.

As soon as I woke up, the strong urge to write everything that I had just experienced was constant and persistent.  This was not the first time I had received a Message Dream so I knew from experience that the nudging would not stop until I wrote it on paper.

Often when I write upon waking up from a Message Dream, the words come to me way faster than what I can write so my writing is often not legible or a lot of the message is just in note form. But the strange thing is, later when I have more time to type my experience on my computer, like I’m doing now, I can easily recall every detail I saw and heard in the dream. I’ve often told my husband of 48 years that I wish I could recall other events in my life as clearly as I can when recalling the events within a Message Dream. It’s like those kinds of dreams get stamped on my brain so that I can recall them anytime I need to do so.

For several weeks after this message dream, I was very emotional and would easily cry not knowing why. Several times my husband and even one of my sons asked why I was crying and I chose not to tell them the reason. I felt so emotional because of the many people that would die because of the new vaccines including some people I knew. I felt overwhelmed and worried about what I could do to prevent the loss of all those lives and yet there was nothing I could do. I learnt about a month later in the second message dream that these events were all part of the divine plan – a plan that was much bigger plan than
I could ever imagine and totally out of my own and humanity’s control.

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