Fifth Message – September 17, 2021



September 17, 2021 – Sharing a most beautiful message I received early this morning. A strong but gentle nudging woke me at exactly 4:44 a.m. urging me to get up to write the sentence repeating itself in my head:

“The swells of the tides are calming down”

As I’m putting my housecoat on to go find my notebook, I was told humanity, as a collective, has finally arrived at the precipice and although most of us would remain there for awhile, individually releasing ourselves from the powerful grasp the dark power has had on us, our journey as One was about to take all of us to victory.

I then saw a huge and dark body of water with swelled up waves on its edges that were, one at a time, calmly laying themselves down on the sandy beach near me. A voice then asked me to notice the light beam emanating from the lighthouse which was positioned far into the water. As my eyes reached it, I was told to notice how that light was now better visible to all the people on land. This light, the voice explained, represents ‘the truth’ and now that the huge waves were losing their power, more of humanity was able to recognize the truth about this dark power.

On my way back to bed, I was told more was coming. I fell back asleep for over two hours until the nudging feeling appeared again bringing with it the remainder of the message:

“Rejoicing we be – not because your fight with the dark forces is won No, not yet, but soon still more of you will come together in truth and light. No longer separated by fear or judgment of each other And hand in hand you’ll walk out of the darkness for good.

Today our message is short but what’s coming will bring you tears of joy Until then, each of you place your hands on your hearts And as you feel them beat, know that their rhythm matches our own. Rejoicing all that humanity has been through and survived.

With pride we send each of you hugs of light and love. Go now, finish the greatest task you have all chosen as One. Continue to bring into your fold those still blind to their power And whisper in their ear, ‘our war against the dark forces is nearly over.”

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