The Message Art taught me that God is the ever-present, all-powerful and ever-loving source that makes up all that exists. While communicating with this omnipresent source about the divine message for each painting, I learned that this source doesn’t care what we call it or in what way we connect with it. Recognizing this omnipresence in our lives, whom many of us call God, is really all that matters. For me, recognizing and connecting with this Source positively and dramatically changed the way I perceived myself and the world around me, which in turn transformed all aspects of my life in a positive way and filled me with profound inner peace.      

No, they originated from the personal experience I had after asking God for help while struggling with a severe addiction.  I received the messages conveyed by the unique elements of the 15 paintings that make up this special art collection intermittently between the year 2003 to 2016.

This one-of-kind Study is meant for anyone who is seeking deeper meaning and purpose or who has a desire to know more about who they are, why they’re here and even where they are going. There are many paths that lead to full awareness and the divine messages conveyed by these fifteen distinctive paintings become the stepping stones for one of those paths.                A journey to full awareness, in the concept of the Message Art, is known as the journey back Home or the soul-awakening process. This type of journey is only possible when one has the willingness to embark on it and it takes place within rather than without.  Because this type of journey is so deeply personal, each one is as unique as the person traveling it. No two journeys back Home are the same.

Having the desire and the willingness to expand your awareness is the first step.  A person cannot rely on others to make them more spiritually aware, nor to initiate their soul-awakening process. By turning inward and really listening to your inner wisdom, or intuition, you are guided to the path that is right for you.  You learn to trust and follow your inner guidance rather than simply accepting someone else’s path or truth as your own or doing what others expect you to do.

By paying attention to your intuitive feelings. Your intuition is your direct connection to your soul, which is one with God, therefore it will always guide you to what is right for you. A concept that is meant to become a part of your truth always feels right and keeps nudging at you until you are ready and willing to open your mind to it.

I just do. I can no more prove to you that God talks to me through my thoughts than I can prove to anyone how much I love my children and grandchildren. You either believe me or you don’t. Likewise, I have no way of proving that the many messages and divine guidance I’ve received since the year 2000 have come from my angel Sandra and God or that I get premonitions, message dreams and sometimes messages for other people.

Yes, absolutely but I’ve come to realize that many people have not yet recognized or are, knowingly or unknowingly, refusing to believe they can have this kind of conversation or divine guidance.   Actually one of the painting’s messages reveals that we each have divine helpers that are ready, willing, and able to guide us but because of our God-given Gift of Choice, these special helpers cannot show up in our lives unless we invite them in. Also some people have shared with me that they are afraid of what they would hear from God, including being asked a request such as the one I received. They would be too afraid to tell others about it in fear of being judged, rejected or laughed at.  But remember, all that comes from God is good and loving. One thing is for certain, God never tells you what to do and never makes use of guilt or fear to make you do something. The choice is always yours, including the choice of allowing God or your divine helpers to guide you on your path.

The one thing that struck me the most while communicating with God and my angel Sandra, was how I was never once told what my truth should or shouldn’t be or that there was only one truth. The choice to accept, ignore or reject any of the messages was and will always be left up to me or anyone else who comes to hear about them. I never once felt pressured, made to feel guilty,  judged or told what to believe. Rather, I was always encouraged to keep searching within and asking questions until I connected with my own truth. It seemed as if all that mattered to my divine guidance was that I discovered my own truth, in my own time and in my own way.

It wasn’t until years into the Message Art project that I realized there is only one truth and that is each our own. In the same way that the ocean is made up of many drops of water, the truth, or what I call God’s truth, comprises of each person’s truth.

I can only answer that question according to my own experiences. I discovered that the reason I didn’t and couldn’t have a two-way conversation with God before the Message Art was because I didn’t feel worthy or good enough for God to talk to me directly. I had also come to believe that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough since I had often been told that unless you had many years of theological studies, you had no way of knowing for sure if it’s God talking to you or the devil making you think he is God. Sadly, it took me decades to realize that my own and other people’s fear-based beliefs had prevented me from experiencing a direct connection with God and my divine helpers.