"Embarking on the Message Art Study is like opening the door to a life
bursting with meaning, self-love and profound inner peace."

This one-of-a-kind Study was specifically designed so you could fully experience, at your own pace and location, the profound and life-altering messages conveyed by the unique elements of each Message Art painting. The Message Art Study comprises of fifteen (15) downloadable modules (one for each painting), and are meant to be completed in sequence. Each module is made up of four steps:

STEP ONE – A video of one Message Art Painting illustrating the breakdown of that painting’s unique elements and the entirety of the divine message conveyed each one.

STEP TWO –  Some Reflective Questions and/or Exercises to assist you in better understanding, absorbing and then applying this painting’s messages to your everyday life. You may choose at this time to replay the video in Step One as you ponder on each question or read over the video’s transcripts which are included in the Study. There is no time limit in understanding these messages. There is also no right or wrong way to answer the questions or to apply them. 

STEP THREE –  A video of the artist’s personal reflections on this painting’s messages so they may further assist you by triggering some of your own life’s experiences  which correlate to these messages.

STEP FOUR –  This step is a recommendation to return to the reflective questions/exercises to reflect on them once more.  Chances are you will find that you can further expand on your answers once you do so.

* The transcripts for all videos in the Study are included.

MY PROMISE:  I truly believe The Message Art Study has life-changing benefits which is why, within 60 days of purchase and having completed the 15 modules, if you feel it has not positively impacted your life or experiences in any way, I will refund you 100% of the purchase price of $49.00 with no questions asked. (Gisele)

You can read more about the Message Art Study below, or you can register for it here:

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The Message Art study has no rules or tests, however you will experience  many A-HAH moments as you become more aware of who you are, why you're here and even where you're going. These profound messages persist in expanding your awareness long after you learn about them hence the reason they continually to propel you towards enlightenment.

To be most effective, it is recommended you complete no more than one module of the Message Art Study per day, or even per week, to allow yourself time to absorb its content. You may also want to go over some of the modules more often than others for that same reason. In reality, you get more out of this study if you don't rush through it!

The inner journey embarked on during and after completing this study is deeply personal and unique to each participant. Many aspects of your life will experience massive change once you begin to apply the divine messages, some of which you may not recognize at first. The outcome of your experiences will depend on the choices you make once you become aware of the Study’s contents - pure and simple.                                                                  

For a summary of the messages revealed in each module of the Message Art Study, you can read the list below or return to the video
titled 'The Message Art Presentation' since the summary of the messages conveyed by each painting in this video is the same as this list: 

Module One – The painting ONENESS reveals

  •  the reason why your individual power and magnificence are beyond measure

  •  and why God would not be complete without you, or any one creation.

  •  They also describe the substance that makes up your being and all that exists

  •  As well as the only thing that can separate you from God

Module 2 – The painting THE EXPERIENCE OF INDIVIDUALITY reveals

  • the reason you have all the same qualities as God,

  • As well as how to attain the knowingness of all those qualities AND of all that you are as a part of God,

  • They also describe the way you contribute to God’s experience and how to expand that contribution

Module 3 - The painting THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION reveals

  •  the reason your soul chose a physical experience

  •  how your beings compare to an individual drop of water in a boundless ocean

  •  and why your soul decided to temporarily live within the illusion of being separate from God

  •  they also describe the Review that happens when you return to the spirit world

Module 4 – The painting THE POWER OF THOUGHT reveals

  • the first breath of life for all that exists in your world

  • and when and why the sum of all thoughts was instilled in the Universe

  • They also explain why it’s important to recognize the thoughts you entertain repeatedly

  • as well as what initiates your individual experiences and determines their outcome

Module 5 – The painting THE GIFT OF CHOICE reveals

  •  when and why you were given the eternal Gift of Choice 

  •  the benefits of paying attention to the way you feel when a new thought enters your mind

  •  And how you unknowingly hand over your Gift of Choice to another person

Module 6 – The painting DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY reveals

  • the ever-present and willing partner you have for creating while on Earth,

  • the four aspects that are required to manifest your intentions into realities,

  • how to increase the opportunities that come knocking at your door,

  •  and what it’s like to be a conscious creator

Module 7 – The painting THE GIFT OF EXPERIENCE reveals

  • why your experiences on Earth are gifts of immeasurable value,

  • how to discover and unwrap the gift within your experiences,

  • and the way to transform a negative experience into a positive one.

  • They also describe why and when it’s beneficial to share your experiences with others.

Module 8 – The painting EQUALITIES reveals

  • a celestial request, communicated through an acronym, in regards to humanity
     initiating a standard of equality on Earth,

  • And your individual role in humanity realizing this standard sooner rather than later

  • They also explain why it’s important to be fully aware of your individuality, as well as your equality.

Module 9 – The painting MIRRORS reveals

  •  the reason why certain people trigger a negative reaction in you,

  •  and the five ways in which you express your positive as well as negative qualities inwardly

  •  They also describe how the people in your life reflect your own qualities

  •  And what robs you and humanity of your greatness

Module 10 – The painting BREAKING FREE reveals

  •  the two types of energies on this planet and the impact they have on your being and your experiences,

  •  As well as what stops the healing energy from flowing through your body thereby causing dis-ease

  •  They also reveal how to verify if you have unresolved feelings and the way in which to heal them

  •  and the benefits of acknowledging your unhealed feelings while still in physical form

Module 11 – The painting THE CLOAK OF INFLUENCE reveals

  •  the reason it’s important to discover the origin of your beliefs

  • the three powerful ways you influence your own and other people’s lives

  •  and what you carry with you when you return to the spirit world

  •  They also describe the benefits of gathering the wisdom of The Review described
     in a previous painting, while still on Earth

Module 12 – The painting JOURNEY BACK HOME reveals

  • what it means to go back Home and how you can get there sooner

  • And why each journey back Home is as unique as the soul traveling it

  • They also explain how the Universe lets you know about pertinent information
    awaiting your discovery

  • and the reason the Message Art paintings can be utilized as stepping stones
     for a path that lead to enlightenment

Module 13 – The painting GLOBAL AWAKENING reveals

  • the reason your soul was excited to choose a physical experience at this time

  • the impact of your beliefs on your soul-awakening process

  • the role you play in dissipating humanity’s Illusion of Separation

  • the divine symbol for Oneness and what it means to accept it as your own

Module 14 – The painting UNCONDITIONAL LOVE reveals

  •  the difference between true love and the illusion of love

  •  the reason you continually crave love while on Earth

  •  And the benefits of experiencing authentic self-love

  •  They also reveal why there is no need to go looking for love

Module 15 – The painting THE ROSE

The rose flower in this painting conceptualizes the beauty, uniqueness and perfection of your being just as you are.

The unique elements of this rose are utilized to convey an overview of all the profound insights revealed through
the previous fourteen Message Art paintings.