My Story

“What inspires me to paint is the rich details, colors and shadows I find in nature as well as in ‘old stuff”.

Gisèle grew up in a family of fourteen children and has lived her whole life in Alberta, Canada.  She now lives on a small farm near St. Albert with her husband of forty-six years and has three grown children and five grandchildren. She enjoys painting, gardening, going for walks on her land, reading, playing pickleball and spending quality time with family and friends.

Gisèle is a self-taught artist who began painting in her early forties.  Her mediums of choice are acrylics, mixed media, pastels and colored pencils. Her style of paintings is mostly realism but she also enjoys creating abstracts. Her art has been shown and sold at the Art Beat Gallery in St. Albert, privately and presently through this website.


 “What inspires me to paint is the rich details, colors and shadows I find in nature as well as in ‘old stuff’. For example, I love the rusted parts of old farm equipment, or the cracks and dents on weathered fence boards. As captivating for me is the fine details on the old doors and windows of an abandoned building or even the rough texture and colors of the knots on trees. I also love to paint a close up of birds, butterflies and flowers – actually most subjects that offer me a lot of rich details to capture. 

“When I work on a painting, my whole heart and soul goes into it. It’s one of the few times in my life when I’m able stay ‘in the moment’ for hours at a time. I believe the reason I always feel at peace and happy when I paint is because that’s when I’m most connected with the true essence of my being. My hope is that my paintings lift the spirit of the viewers and makes them feel light, jovial and at peace and maybe even spring forward a fond memory from their past.”


As an inventor, Gisèle was successful in designing, patenting and selling her patent to a major bedding manufacturer in New York. She is also co-inventor of  The Deerhandler and The Hayboss Feeder which are manufactured and sold by her husband and two sons across North America.

Gisèle wrote a book with her daughter Dana titled DISMISSED  and has had articles published in several magazines. She also developed the 15-module Message Art Study as a way to share her life-altering experience with this distinctive art collection. Her book and study are both available on this website.