About The Message Art Study

Hi, my name is Gisele and I am the artist behind this one of a kind art collection. The reason I developed the Message Art Study was to share these paintings’ profound messages because of the dramatic and positive impact they have had, and are still having, on my life. I designed this Study in such a way that you could experience, in your own space, the Message Art paintings and their messages, individually and in sequence. 

The following is a slide presentation of each Message Art painting with a synopsis of their divine messages. This also serves as an overview of what the participants of the Study learns about in each module.

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Embarking on this Study is like opening the door to a life bursting with meaning, self-love and profound inner peace. Why? Because when allowed to, the divine messages greatly expand your awareness about the true essence and purpose of your being. Once your awareness expands on these matters, the way you perceive yourself and the world around you changes dramatically and positively. As your perceptions change, so do your beliefs and because your beliefs determine the outcome of your experiences and relationships,
they too transform positively.

Anyone who wants to be inspired, empowered and enlightened to become all they can be or who is curious about who they are, why they’re here and even where they are going.

By simply paying attention to your INTUITION while learning more about it on this page. Your intuition is your direct connection to your soul therefore never leads you the wrong way.

  • There is no time limit in understanding or absorbing the content of this Study.
  • There is no right or wrong way to apply this content to your everyday life.
  • Your answers and notes for the Reflective Questions and/or Exercises included in this Study are for your eyes only.
  • There is no test at the end of this Study – only the recognition that your awareness is expanding.
  • You do however experience many A-HAH moments as you awaken to all that you are.
  • Many of the messages persist in expanding your awareness long after you learn about them which is why they are so life-altering.
  • Learning about and absorbing the contents of this study and then applying it to your everyday life is a process which is deeply personal and unique to each participant hence the importance of allowing this process to unfold in the way that is meant for you.
  • The only prerequisite to this study is an OPEN MIND.

The ‘awakening journey’, which is known in the Message Art as ‘the Journey Back Home’, is as unique as the souls travelling it. Some of this Study’s content may not ring true for you when you first hear about it. In fact, some of the divine messages challenged my own ideas and beliefs for weeks and even months and you may experience the same resistance. You may discover, like I did, that fear or guilt instilled at some time in your life is preventing you from recognizing one or more of the messages as your truth. If or when this happens, a great question to ask yourself is, “Is this message empowering me or does it rob me of my power?”  A message meant to become a part of your truth not only empowers you, it intuitively feels right because it feeds your soul! 

Once you register for the Study below, the access code for all 15 modules is emailed to you and you get uninterrupted access to them for three months.  These modules are meant to be completed in sequence and I recommend completing no more than one module every three days as to allow yourself time to absorb its content. You may also feel the need to go over some or all of a module’s content for that same reason. In reality, you get more out of this study if you don’t rush through it!

The 15 modules of the Message Art Study each comprise of four simple and easy to follow steps:

STEP ONE – A video which begins with a foreword from me the artist and followed by the illustration of one painting’s unique elements and its divine messages. While watching these videos, chances are you will feel drawn into the painting being illustrated and become one with it much like I experienced while receiving its messages – truly an unforgettable experience.

STEP TWO – Reflective Questions and/or Exercises to help you better absorb and then apply the messages more effectively. You may choose at this time to replay the video in Step One as you ponder each question or read over its transcripts included in the Study and printable.

STEP THREE – A video of my personal reflections on the painting’s messages in hopes they may trigger your own life experiences or memories that correlate to these messages.

STEP FOUR – This step recommends that you return to the reflective questions/exercises to reflect on them once more.  Chances are you will be able to further expand on your answers or notes at this time.


Presentation of the Message Art collection

The following video displays the fifteen Message Art paintings with a summary of the divine messages conveyed by each one.  Please note this summary also serves as the Summary of what you learn about while participating in the Message Art Study. 

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