What is ‘The MESSAGE ART’? 

The Message Art is the gift I received after weeks of asking God for help during an extremely difficult time of my life.
This special gift, which took me years to fully unwrap, comprised of fifteen unprecedented paintings whose individual
 elements each conveyed divine messages.

I received and painted the images for the 15 Message Art paintings over a period of one year and three months. 
Two years later, I began receiving each painting’s enlightening messages, either in a dream or while journaling,
and continued to do so intermittently over the next seven years.  

Contrary to the religious teachings I had held onto for over five decades, the messages conveyed by the Message Art paintings
 had no fear, guilt or judgement whatsoever attached to them. Their purpose, which I didn’t realize until years later,
was to positively transform
 my fear-based perception of God, which in turn would dramatically change the way I perceived
 myself, my experiences, the people in my life and everything else in this world. 
As an added bonus, the Message Art
 also provided me with the answers to all of the spiritual questions I had at the time 
 as well as those I had been
since childhood such as, Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

have absolutely no doubt that without the gift of the Message Art collection, and the research I was guided to do
during the same period of time, I would not have survived the severe addiction, anxiety and depression I was struggling
 with on a daily basis. I also have no doubt I could not have received, nor benefited from, this art collection’s divine messages
 had I not been willing to be open minded or to let go my deeply ingrained God-fearing beliefs. My 
beliefs at the time, which had originated
 from other people’s matching beliefs, were so deeply ingrained 
that for me, letting go of them did not happen over night.


To learn more about HOW THE MESSAGE ART CAME TO BE,
 please watch the video below.

To learn more about the profound impact The Message Art  had on my being
 and my life, please continue reading below the video.


One of the most life-altering insight I became aware of through the Message Art is that:
– our level of awareness determines our perceptions
– our perceptions form our beliefs
– and our beliefs determine the outcome of all our experiences.  

It is no wonder why so many of my past relationships and God-related experiences reflected mostly
 conditional love, 
which the Message Art taught me is simply an illusion of love. 

The Message Art’s enlightening and often thought-provoking divine messages may have introduced me to a
  fear and guilt FREE concept of God but applying these messages to my everyday life is what transformed my fear-based
 perception and belief. This transformation tho
ugh, could only transpire once I became fully aware, and then accepted, that fear
and guilt were actually the opposite of love, which in the context of the Message Art, is God 
that love, therefore God, never judges or punishes, nor has expectations or conditions,
 and above all else, love never ever takes away a person’s choices.

By transforming my perception to one that is unconditionally loving while honouring my freedom to choose,
 the Message Art not only dramatically changed my belief AND experience of God, it went on to positively
change the way I perceived myself, my addiction, the people in my life and the world as I knew it. This life-altering event
 was initiated by a concept introduced by the Message Art Painting titled ONENESS, which is: 

the reason our perception of God greatly influences the way we perceive, and then experience, everyone
and everything 
on our planet, including our own being, is because all that exists derives from God’s energy.

It took me fourteen years to fully realize that the purpose for the unprecedented Message Art collection was to help me
unravel this concept one divine message at a time. It was during this unravelling that my addiction and depression
ended for good, as well as my self-deprecating and unworthy beliefs. It is also when I experienced, for the first time,
a deep and profound inner peace and discovered the huge difference between believing in God, and experiencing God. 

The Message Art was my gift from God and my gift back to God is in sharing it
 with others through the Message Art Study. I truly 
believe this Study will have a profound
 and positive impact on the lives of anyone who completes it!

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