A few poems I wrote shortly after I began journaling with my angel Sandra and God in the fall of 1999.

Words From My Angel

Righteous words that come in my ear
That’s how I know my angel is near
Her words so soft and yet so clear
Let me know I’ve nothing to fear

From the start, her words felt right
For me to receive and then to write
Guiding me ever so gently to the light
Where everything seems so bright

Her words of love and wisdom
She says to share with those who’ll listen
They open minds and hearts they soften
For the time has come for more to awaken

The more I write, the more I receive
Words from my angel I now believe
Come from love for they never deceive
And thoughts of fear they quickly relieve
                                                            Gisele  2000


World Peace

When will our world find peace, we wonder
Will it be soon, this question we ponder
Waiting for others to come up with the answer
In my opinion, is our greatest offender

This question and more, we were meant to ask
To discover the answers is each our task
Some of you have tried your best; that’s true
But ways to bring peace have been too few

Could it be the reason our world has no peace
Is because the west is blaming the east
The north no longer trusts the south
And all depend on the others to figure it out?

I believe the answer to the question today
Is if we want peace on Earth to stay
You and me must do each our part
To unite as one instead of staying apart.
                                                            Gisele  2000

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